The successfully Kickstarter funded short film, “The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser” filmed in Chicago, IL last summer made its official debut at the Tribeca Film Festival this month.  The short was written and directed by Jack Marchetti and stars Matt Pratt and Christina Rose.

Jack Marchetti is a screenwriter and director who currently resides in Chicago.  His short film, “The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser” was one of thirty short narrative films chosen as an Official Selection of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, and it premiered in New York alongside shorts by the likes of Olivia Wilde and Katie Holmes.

As a screenwriter, Jack has had several feature-length screenplays optioned and advanced to the final rounds of prestigious script competitions like HBO’s collaboration with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, “Project Greenlight.”

The film was very run and gun with a skeleton crew for the majority of the shoot – but we definitely did our best to get the best quality in each situation.  We filmed on the RED Epic with RED Pro Prime lenses.  A lot of the locations were public places or businesses that were operating at the time so grip and lighting for the short were only on set for one location.  We still managed to get some cool content and camera movement including car mount rig shots, jib shots, and 20′ dolly runs.

Due to the nature of the content as it directly pertains to the story, a large portion of the budget went to music licensing rights.  With that, viewers can enjoy a soundtrack filled with bands like Weezer, Slayer, White Zombie, Jurassic 5, and more.

How I got involved was medical-related but not medical on my end…

And the last “risk” is the fact that the director (that being me) is visually impaired. Granted I can see well enough to get by but I’m night blind, partially color blind, and have tunnel vision. And yes, it sucks. I assume you won’t have a problem with that, but in the interest of full disclosure, I figured I’d mention it here.You can read all about my eye disease here:

Gen X is the second kickstarter project that Jack had launched.  The first one didn’t make the goal but in the first kickstarter, I remember reading his statement about wanting to make his movie before he went blind.  If that’s not compelling, I don’t know what is.  I reached out to him and told him that if there was any way I could help on the production end of the things to please keep me posted.  It kind of transferred from there to this project.

Keep an eye out for it on the film festival circuit!



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