Written and directed by Peter James Normandia of Edit Cellar, Memorama is an independent short film with a bit of futuristic tech and a bit of sci-fi thrown in the mix.  Featuring Alan Thurston, Robert Walker, and Malin De La Torre – the film explores just how real that virtual reality can be. memorama_slider21 For this, we’re shooting on RED Epic with RED Pro Primes.  Flying the camera with the EZ FX Jib in its 16 foot configuration and also using the Long Valley dolly system. The crew is pretty small and we’re all pitching in as much as possible to make a solid end product.  The project is still in production and should be wrapping principle photography sometime in May 2013.  We have some cool visuals and gags that will be in there and I’m looking forward to seeing it all together with a final edit and VFX.

Director, writer, and editor – Peter James Normandia

1st Assistant Director – Daniel Kwak

Alan Thurston
Robert Walker
Malin De La Torre
Dimo Gerenski
Noelle Mauri

Sound Recordist and Sound Design:  David Willis-Lorenz
2nd AD and Associate Producer:  Lauren Concar
Still Photographer:  Gerald Paguio
Director of Photography:  Mitch Martinez
1st AC:  Rick Cook

To see more behind the scenes shot, check out Gerald Paguio’s blog post.