Eyeball 8


  • Tony Allen

    Nov 6, 2013 - Reply

    Stunning macro!!!
    Cheers Mitch… Tony :)

    • Mitch Martinez

      Nov 6, 2013 - Reply

      Thanks! I’ve always wanted to play around with macro shots. We had fun shooting them.

  • Rahim Noel

    Jan 3, 2014 - Reply

    Just Amazing!!! I’ll totally give you credit if i use these in my short Flim

  • Cam Mcmillian

    Jan 14, 2014 - Reply

    I would like to use everything you ever filmed for a school play if thats cool

  • chris

    Nov 26, 2014 - Reply

    This is incredible work- thank you for sharing your talent!

  • Dhevn

    Aug 7, 2017 - Reply

    I am so thankful for this website, it gives me the chance to practice editing without having to pull out all the heavy gear and/or asking someone to send me some on a drive….

  • lucky

    Jan 4, 2018 - Reply

    thanks dude

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