Bullet Time – Camera Array System Available now for production


Bullet Time systems

– also known as time slice, stop time, or time freeze – implement a camera array that ranges anywhere from 24 to 150+ cameras to create an effect of stopped time or extremely slowed time. Although the process was pioneered decades prior, it was widely popularized by the Matrix films directed by the Wachowski Brothers and has since been used more regularly in film production.

Since these systems are not mass produced, each rig is custom – operating with its own camera control protocols, post-processing, and filming techniques refined through many stages of development.Here’s a look at our rig. timeslice_terry_bts

System Highlights

  • 48 Canon DSLR camera array
  • 5K image capture
  • RAW + JPEG format
  • Custom camera control software
  • On-set processing
  • Multiple truss arcs and diameters
  • Multiple rigging configuration options
  • Remote camera setting control
  • Dual on-set computer system
  • Precision camera timing (1ms tolerance)
Informational PDF

360 degree Bullet Time Rig – Light Painting / Long Exposure Shots
All patterns created in camera – no CGI or VFX

120 degree Bullet Time Rig – High Velocity Shots
Fire Peformers – Terry Fields and Mike Icon

Blessthefall “Hollow Bodies” green screen music video
Directed and Edited/VFX by Daniel Davison

Behind the Scenes video – Blessthefall music video
Shot and Edited by Adam Peditto

Behind the Scenes – Timelapse Video
120 degree rig studio build

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