Frequently Asked Questions

My free stock footage resource is constantly evolving. I’ll always try make it as user friendly as possible.
If you have questions, please check to see if the answers are here before contacting me.


Q: How do I download footage?

A: There’s a section specifically for that.  Click here.


Q: How long does it take to get the license agreement that I submitted for?

A: The license agreements are almost always e-mailed within 24 hours – often in less than 12 hours.  Note – Each request form is reviewed by a real human.  If there is a problem with the license agreement request, you will be notified and asked to re-submit your request.


Q: Is there a limit to how much footage I can download?

A: No, you can download every single clip of footage, if you want.  Please note – any commercial application of the footage still needs an issued license agreement so don’t forget to a release form for each of your commercial projects.


Q: Is there a limit to how many release forms I can get?

A: No, there are no limits on how many projects you can apply to get a license request for.  If you have twenty new commercial projects per day, you can submit 20 release form requests each day.  This resource is here to help.


Q: Do I need to fill out a licence agreement request form if I don’t need the footage for an actual project?  I just want to test out 4K footage with my computer, tv, editing system, etc.

A: No; If you are not using the footage for a specific project, you do not need a license agreement to download or play around with it to test out your computer, tv, editing system, etc.


Q:  Do students need to obtain a license agreement for school projects?

A:  Only if the final films or videos will be on vimeo, youtube, submitted to film festivals, or otherwise distributed.  Attribution is required either way.  If you’re not sure, it’s better to be safe and get a license agreement.


Q: Does the license agreement apply to all of my projects?

A: No; The license agreements are project specific.  It’s free footage so just get a license agreement for each of your projects.  License Agreement Request Form here.


Q: Can I get some footage in ProRes or original R3D format?

A: ProRes and R3D format files are available for purchase and licensing.  They are not available as part of the free stock footage resource.  I also have ProRes and R3D footage available through websites such as Shutterstock, if that is preferred.  Click here for more information.


Q: Why was my license agreement request rejected?

A: Most frequently, the cause for a rejected license agreement request is due to lack of specific information or for license agreement requests for multiple projects or blanket release forms.

The web form has a lot of filtration parameters that disallow commonly rejected entries (example: “Project Name – music video” would fail).  It is important to be specific with the field entries of the form.

If your license agreement request was declined, you are encouraged to fill out the form again with accurate and specific information about your project.


Q: Can I download all of the free stock footage with a “one-click” button option?

A: Yes, although due to bandwidth demands, it is not a free option.  There are three ways you can download the full library: “one-click” download option, a six part sectionalized download option (all parts are under 30GB), and individual category downloading.  The cost for any of these options is $99.  You can also have an external hard drive shipped to you with all of the files.  Click here for more information


Q: Can I get custom footage?

A: Yes; I have created custom stock footage for several companies and services.  Custom footage is always a paid service.  Contact me with specifics about your footage needs for a price quote.


Q: How often do you add new stock footage?

A: Updates vary depending in frequency on my schedule but I like to average a minimum of 500 new clips per year regardless of when the uploads happen within the year.


Q: Can I call you with questions about the free stock footage?

A: Due to a busy schedule, I’m not able to take phone calls about the free stock footage.  Instead, please e-mail any questions you have and I will reply as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hours).