Full Download and Category Download Options

Full 4K Library Download

mp4 download - six part1My current 4K mp4 stock footage library is approximately 120GB.  That’s a lot of downloads! If you’d like to download access for the full resource in just a few clicks, you can have this option for just $99.  Get more than 1,500 stock footage mp4 files – downloadable as one single file.  The fully library is packaged in a well organized downloadable zip file. Inside the zip, you’ll find a folder for each stock footage category. For future uploads, you’ll be e-mailed a link to download all of the new clips when there is an update.

Or if you’d like to download specific categories, you can get download access to the full library at the category level – download the categories you need first before anything else.  Some categories have more than 100 clips, so you can save a lot of time with a click of a button.

*Note – Due to the 4GB max file size limit of Windows/PC operating systems, it is best to do full library downloads with Mac OSX.

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Preferred Download Method

All funds go back into creating new content and maintaining the system – including uploading source files, uploading preview files, coding each web page, and administration of the resource.


External Hard Drive + Download Access

If you’d rather have the 4K library shipped to you on a hard drive, you can get this for $249.

This will include all of the stock footage 1,500+ mp4 files – plus a bonus of 10 ProRes files (ProRes variety pack).  Shipped on a USB3.0 Drive via UPS (tax and shipping included).  With this offering, you will also have the download one-click access – this will keep you up to date with new content as it is added and made available.

This is a great way for you to have an instant access, on-hand 4k stock library and you’ll also be supporting a content creator that will keep adding new stock footage clips for your use.

External Hard Drive + Download Access and Updates