Purchasing Process how it works


For purchases and licensing of ProRes, RED, bundles, or other paid download files, payments are currently made through Paypal.  This allows credit card payments as well as debit and bank account direct funds transfers.

At the moment, I do not have an automated system to immediately e-mail you a download link once payment has been made for your clips.



What does this mean?  Simply, it means that, until an automated system is implemented, I am manually e-mailing each client their download link(s).  I am as diligent as possible with this – but I do film regularly and sleep at night – so there are times when there would be a delay in receiving your download link.  I will always get you the files as quickly as possible but some delays may be unavoidable.


The upside?  While this current system is not ideal, I am providing the files at 1/4 of the price per clip compared to companies like Shutterstock.  If you end up buying clips (especially bundles or multiple bundles), this translates into massive savings that I hope are worth any incurred wait-time.


When should I get the download link(s)? Usually you will receive your download links within 12 hours or less from the time you make your paypal payment.  Many times it will be a very short period of time (within a hour or two) but it all depends on what time of day the order comes in and my schedule for the day.  The maximum delay should be just under 24 hours and would usually be when I’m on an airplane and unable to reach internet access.

If for any reason you haven’t received your download links after 24 hours, please check your “spam”, “social”, and “promotion” folders in your e-mail account. The links almost always are sent directly from Google Drive (not my specific e-mail address) and have an e-mail subject line with something along the lines of “mp4 library – categories – invitation to view”.


Well, are you going to have an automated system in the future?  Probably.  I am looking into solutions with my developer/programmer and we are definitely working on it.  The current system took about a month to research, test, program, code, and upload more than 400GB of files.  I didn’t want to delay offering this footage to the public by several years while we created the perfect system.



– 2K ProRes Files – $30/clip
– 4K ProRes Files – $45/clip
– RED Files (R3D format) – $59/clip

– ProRes Bundles – $139/each
– ProRes Bundles – 2 for $199
– ProRes Bundles – 3 for $249
– ProRes Bundles – 5 for $299

– Custom Content – e-mail for a quote